How to identify a care need

How to identify a care need

Many people do not consider themselves carers, as those they look after are their husband, wife, father or mother, or some other very close relative. It is a natural response to changing ill health in someone they have loved all their lives. But whether you consider yourself a carer or not looking after someone will begin to change your life. The life you had with the person you care for will change.

You may feel a sense of loss that you cannot share things together in the same way. Depending upon the illness the personality of the person you knew may change. It is hard to live with constant ill health. You may feel very much alone, even if family and friends rally round. If you don’t have people close by who can help it is important to recognise your needs and get help.

There is plenty of information around and organisations who can help, so you don’t have to cope on your own.

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