Diet is vitally important for Gout, and your doctor will give you clear advice on what to avoid. For other forms of arthritis the best advice is simply a nutritious, balanced diet. Keeping to a healthy weight, however, is important.

Wholehealth MD reminds us that if you are overweight, losing excess pounds may slow or stop the damage to weight-bearing joints. A minority of arthritis sufferers also find that their joint pain is less when they stay away from certain foods. While no scientific studies have proven who can be helped or how, trying a food sensitivity diet over an eight-week period is an easy self-care experiment. Track your joint pains while off the suspect foods, and then see what happens during the week you start eating the foods again after the eight-week “holiday.”

There are many theories about diets for arthritis, Some may be right, but so far there is not much proof.

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