How to plan the funeral

A funeral can be as personal or simple as you choose and any Funeral care should stand by your wishes to ensure your loved one’s life is honoured accordingly.

You can begin making the arrangements from your own home, from your local funeral home or from any other location you choose, such as a friend’s home or at your solicitor’s office.

Someone will need to be appointed to make the funeral arrangements and it is important that this person can instruct the Funeral Director of the deceased’s wishes.

It is important to use a Funeral Director you feel you can put your trust in as you expect them to deliver on your tailor made funeral plans.

What to think about when arranging a funeral

You will need to decide whether you would like your loved one to have a burial or a cremation, and where the funeral will be carried out.

They may have mentioned a church, chapel or graveside that they would like to opt for, or your family may have a location already picked out.

It is also important that you decide on whether it will be a religious service. At this point the Funeral carer can then help you to choose a date and time for the service.

What the Funeral carer needs to know

There will be some important pieces of information that the Funeral carer will need to be instructed on, such as your loved one’s full name, date of birth and home address, as well as where the deceased is currently resting and the name and details of their GP.

Please also inform them of the chosen religion of the ceremony and whether a death certificate has been issued yet.

If you would like a certain minister to conduct the ceremony, please let the Funeral carer know too. If you would like a unique commemoration to be created for your loved one, they can help you to do this.

What the Funeral carer can help you to decide

The Funeral carer can assist you in choosing the perfect coffin or casket for your loved one, as well as what the deceased will be wearing, how the casket will be transported on the day of the funeral and they can also help you with the writing of the obituary.

The Funeral carer can also help you to decide on the music that is to be played during the ceremony and any poems that will be read out.

They can also assist with floral or monetary donations, the writing of the eulogy and any catering for the reception.

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