How much does a funeral cost?

Funeral carers should keep you informed of all funeral costs right from the start.
They should explain the different options available and inform you of the different costs involved so that you can make choices that are within your budget.
Once you have made the necessary arrangements, the Funeral carer should provide you with a full written estimate of the funeral costs and can work with you should you choose to change anything.

The costs of a funeral

Most professional services are charged at a fixed fee to make things easier for you. This will include the guidance of an experienced funeral director, as well as any clergy that will be conducting the ceremony and the costs associated with cremation or burial.
The costs can also include the work of florists, the use of the funeral home facilities and the preparation of any documents that are required.
Additional charges may be added onto your bill if you choose to bring the deceased into the care of the Funeral carer, if you would like to arrange a viewing or if you require a hearse for the ceremony.
Further charges include the cost of the coffin or casket, limousines and the cremation casket, if required, and any payments that the Funeral carer makes on your behalf.
These may include disbursements for fees to the deceased’s doctor, the minister that is used for the ceremony or the cremation itself.
Once all arrangements have been made, the Funeral carer should provide you with an itemised invoice at least seven days before the date of the funeral.
You may make payments at your local funeral home in person, or can make them at a bank, Post Office or by post. The majority of Funeral carers accept cash, cheques, debit and credit cards.
If you would like your solicitor to view the invoice first, let the Funeral carer know when making any arrangements, but remember that you will be held responsible for paying the account in full as per the carer’s terms and conditions.
If you require any assistance in understanding the invoice, or if there are parts that you do not agree with, contact your local funeral home to discuss the matter as soon as possible.

Meeting the costs of a funeral

As all funeral costs are seen as a debt against the deceased’s estate it may be possible for you to arrange for the estate to pay for the costs rather than doing it yourself.
If you believe that you may have difficulty in paying off the full amount of the funeral costs, please speak to your funeral director at the time of making the arrangements.

It you require any legal advice you can contact The Co-operative Legal Services by clicking here.

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