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There are huge amounts of health information, advice, ideas, services and products available these days and Our Place has worked to navigate this sea of information. We are not medical experts but we are developing good guidance together.

We have created a Health Information we Trust section where you gain access to a host of health related resources. We have also crafted a selection of Complementary Techniques to help improve your health and quality of life.

You will find detailed information and help on eight chronic conditions affecting people over the age of 50.

Click through below for the section relevant to you.

Get on yer bike!

Have you been following this years Tour de France?  Do you fancy a nostalgic spin around the countryside this summer?  Then dust off the ancient Raleigh Chopper that you have at the back of the shed then take a look at our updated 'Cycling' section. Racing Veterans If...

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Dementia Awareness Week

Where to Turn This Dementia Awareness Week the Alzheimers Society is "encouraging anyone who is worried about dementia to confront their concerns and get in touch...We know dementia can be scary but you don’t have to face it alone." And with the many thousands of...

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Dating For the Over 55’s

As observed by that famously clever ancient Greek Aristotle, we humans are “by nature a social animal” and when we find ourselves approaching retirement, for some, a single life that had seemed quite empowering and fun, becomes a more daunting prospect. You may of...

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Complementary Techniques

Complementary Techniques Complementary Techniques offer a wide variety of options which may help improve your health and your quality and enjoyment of life. We list and describe some of the better known ones here for overview purposes. Our source is the Complementary...

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Ancillary Therapies

Ancillary Therapies For Ancillary Medical Therapies (Physiotherapy etc): Health Professions Council Telephone 020 7582 0866 The HPC is a statutory regulator that works to protect the health and well-being of people using the services of health...

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