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Colour me happy

Too many of us play safe when decorating our homes, but favourite colours can boost our wellbeing.   Choice reports that colour can lift our spirits or calm us down. It's definitely not something we should be frightened of using out homes. Sadly, though, too many of...

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Sweet dreams are made of this

The key to a good night's sleep is to keep our brains and bodies active during the day.   Do you lie tossing and turning in bed at night, struggling to get some precious shut eye? Perhaps you're trying too hard to tempt the sandman. Or maybe you are indulging in a...

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Here’s to better hearing

Technology has made some hearing-aids almost undetectable. We explore what’s on offer and how to choose.   Choice reports that with people living longer, increasing numbers will spend half their lifetime suffering from hearing loss. The big question, according to...

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Turn back your age clock

Advice on fighting aging has become as traditional in January as the sales - yet the various recommended strategies can demand far too much effort for few convincing returns.   So here's some of the science on anti-aging - along with four tried and tested ways to look...

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