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ourplace savingsAre low interest rates causing you worries? The BBC's personal finance correspondent has today published an article entitled Record low rates mean savers are worse off than ever which you can read in full here If you have concerns, please take a look at our Money and Retirement pages for some good advice - and if you have any tips you would like to share then please do get in touch!

Today the worlds biggest cruise ship, the 'Harmony of the Seas' is arriving at Southampton. It is large enough for 8,500 passengers and crew - which according to the 2011 census is roughly the same as the entire population of Glastonbury!

Swimming PoolThis enormous vessel boasts 23 swimming pools - Glastonbury has a Leisure Centre with a 25m pool. There are also 20 restaurants and a whole host of activities and entertainment - although we rather think that Glastonbury may well have the edge there as this years festival line up boasts appearances by Adele and Coldplay!

For holiday advice, including cruises please take a look at our travel pages - and email us with your tips regarding the best destinations...as well as those to be avoided






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